No, but it gave comedian Simon Esler hilarious material for his new comedy series! Only on Rise.TV from April 8, 2022

Grab your friends and family and get ready to laugh as Canadian comedian, Simon Esler, takes you into his Dystopian Imaginarium.Combining a crazy, sci-fi narrative with warped realities across multiple dimensions and timelines, Simon’s hilarious sketch comedy will help you see the strange reality of today’s real world in a whole new light.

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About Simon

Simon Esler is a seasoned comedian and longtime truth teller on a mission: to win the ongoing culture war against those trying to implement the Great Reset. With over 15 years of experience creating comedy theater and a background as a former minister, Simon uplifts people using laughter, hidden truths, and deep insight.Simon’s wide-ranging digital portfolio includes his Rise TV series Worlds Within, a three-season exploration of the spiritual nature of warfare. In addition to that series, which aims to cultivate inner awareness and probe the mystery of human learning, he created a 60-minute comedy special called Theorize About Conspiracies.Simon’s latest creation is his science fiction sketch comedy series, Simon Esler’s Dystopian Imaginarium, featuring Simon as an accidental time traveler studying new timelines with his gender neutral A.I. friend, Pamuel.



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