Are you looking to have an amazing experience this summer? Join Ben Chasteen at the Mt. Shasta Summer Conference from July 7–10, 2022!

Ben will be presenting at the conference organized by Robert Potter and featuring a variety of guests. To get a discounted rate on tickets, click on the Events page and use the code BEN10 via this link:

This year, the theme of the Mt. Shasta conference is Robert Potter’s thankfulness for the unseen friends from higher realms who are serving us here on Earth. As many would agree, we are experiencing some powerful increases in frequencies affecting the planet. Robert’s goal is to honor all spiritual guides seen and unseen, as well as the many benevolent races watching over the earth, with an acknowledgement of the Venusians and Pleiadians who have taken the time to present themselves to him throughout his lifetime.

If you want the chance to see Ben in person and experience a fantastic conference, reserve your tickets now.



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