Here are seven true Halloween tales so terrifying they’ll have you running for your holy water!

There’s nothing quite like a scary story on Halloween, so we’ve gathered the seven craziest stories on vampire, werewolves, and witches out there. And the scariest part? They might all be real!

Real Life Vampire

Everyone knows vampires are just in the movies … right? Not according to Bill Schnoebelen, an ex-satanist who claims that after he reached a certain rank in his cult, he became a vampire. He says his vampirism came from going through a ritual that included drinking his satanic master’s blood and staying in a coffin for three days.

After that, Bill claims he could no longer eat food. He could only consume blood, Catholic communion, or people’s energy, which he could steal with a special talisman. But before Sam or Dean Winchester got to him, Bill says he quit being a satanist, became a Chistian, and returned to normal.

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Are Werewolves Real?

In Werewolf Occult Origins From Dark Historic Reports & Stories, we explore accounts of real life werewolves going from ancient Greece to the present day. One of the craziest stories is about Peter Stoob, who claimed he made a pact with the devil. Stoob promised malice on men, women, and children in exchange for the gift of being able to turn into a greedy wolf-beast.

The devil agreed and gave Stoob a magic belt that granted his wish. For 25 years, Stoob murdered and ate various victims. It’s even said he ate his own son. In the end, he was put on trial and confessed to everything. Stoob the Werewolf was put to death on October 31st—Halloween.

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The Truth Behind The Salem Witch Trials

We’re taught that the Salem Witch Trials were nothing more than mass hysteria. But if you’d heard this story about one of your neighbors, you might think twice before eating those cookies she gave you. Nobody knows for sure what happened in Salem, but if the stories are to be believed, there was more than meets the eye. A man named Samuel Gray claimed that he saw a strange figure full of light near his child’s cradle. The baby let out a terrible scream, and the figure vanished. The child died soon afterwards. Gray later recognized Bridget Bishop, the first person executed for witchcraft (who he didn’t even know!) from the figure he had seen.

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The Terrifying History Behind Jack-o’-lanterns

Did you know that almost half of America is planning on carving a pumpkin this year? But people might be less interested if they knew its gruesome history.

English Druids used to demand that men offer a loved one up to be sacrificed. If the family agreed, the Druids would place a lantern carved with scary faces on their doorstep. If they refused, a spell would be placed on their house, and it was said someone in the household would become possessed or go insane.

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That Time the Sun Wanted to Join in the Halloween Fun

Just imagine the look on the NASA employee’s face when a jack-o’-lantern sun popped up on their screen! The picture, which thankfully was not the start of the end of the world, was taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory. NASA shared it with the public just in time for Halloween.

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Too good to be true? Some people say NASA fakes pictures like this. If so, what other pictures could be faked?

National Parks Scary Secret

When David Paulides started investigating missing people in national parks, he had no idea he would devote the rest of his life to what he calls “something out of the X-Files.” David found 2,000 cases of missing persons in national parks under very strange circumstances.

One two-year-old boy went missing and was found 19 hours later—but 12 miles away. Some of his footprints were found, but they simply started and ended out of nowhere with no other prints around.

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Joan Rivers’ Mysterious Death

Joan Rivers was known for her big mouth and was never afraid of a joke, no matter how controversial. She also didn’t mind talking about the real situations in Hollywood. But did Joan go too far and reveal a secret so big that it got her killed?

Shortly before she died, Joan said questionable things about some very famous people. Soon afterwards, her minor throat surgery had a major complication and she died.

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