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Ben will bring you on deep dives into space, spirituality, UFOs, the paranormal, forbidden history, the human body, and all the topics nobody else is discussing. And of course, that’s bound to include a Mandela Effect episode or two.

(Rob says we should call them Bendela Effects at this point.)


Mondays just got a whole lot more positive! Seth will now be hosting exclusive Man in America shows that can be found only on RISE TV. He will get deep into the latest news, American history, politics, and more—but focused on the uplifting stuff! Why be depressed when you can brighten your week, started with Seth?

(Ben wants everyone to know that Seth was called “Smiley” in high school. How adorable.)


It’s about time there was a woman’s perspective on the real issues. Nicole is outspoken about American values, the facade of feminism, and the push to alter American history. Join her as she delves into how these topics affect women, families, and all of society today.

Take a look around and check out the latest from Ben Solo, Man in America, and Lady Liberty. And hold onto your hats because there will be more exciting things coming, so stay tuned!



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