Drumroll, please…

Welcome to RISE TV, the next-generation streaming platform from Edge of Wonder! You all know how much censorship we’ve come up against, so after a ton of meetings, research, and coffee, we decided that the only way forward is to go even bigger.

The Super Secret Background Story of What Happened

You guys know that we always wanted to reach more people with Edge of Wonder. So we found a way! We rebranded our site to something that can go much further. This community is not just about Ben and Rob being on screen talking about deep dives into cool stuff, but it’s really about our mission of waking people up.

So how can we do this better? Well, we’re going to bring you more content. More variety that’s not only about us. Let’s be honest, we all know Edge of Wonder looks into weird stuff and can be a bit out there. Of course, talking about Bigfoot all the time is fun, but it’s not our only goal (as much as Ben wishes it were…). We want to bring on a wide variety of content that can connect with even more people. Basically, there will be something for everybody.

What IS this exciting, new RISE TV?

➤ More content!

You’re going to get new shows like Ben Solo, Man in America, and Lady Liberty. Plus we will continue to bring you your favorites like Clown World and Into the Storm.

➤ More faces!

You will watch exclusive interviews with some familiar faces, big names, and new friends.

➤ New look!

Check out our awesome sunrise-inspired logo. We wanted you to feel like a brand-new day is coming.

➤ Bigger, bolder LIVE shows!

Let’s celebrate together, like the RISE launch party. We’ll have more guests, deep dives, round tables, and of course, there’s always Weirder News.

Is Edge of Wonder disappearing forever?!

HECK NO! We want to make it clear that Ben, Rob, and Edge of Wonder are not going away.

Think of Edge of Wonder as your favorite show, and it will be on an even bigger, better network! You will still find all of the classic episodes and our Friday Night Live. And even though it might look like there’s a little break while we work on more episodes for the Edge of Wonder show itself, that’s because behind the scenes, we’re working on [REDACTED LOL] . Well, let’s just say that when it’s ready, it will be some of the highest quality stuff we’ve ever done.

And while Rob is working hard on that top secret stuff behind the scenes to get it ready for you, Ben will still be out front, bringing you more Mandela Effects and even some of his own wild stories. So don’t worry—Ben and Rob are still as tight as peanut butter and jelly! (Rob says he’s the jelly.)

So basically, you guys are getting a pretty sweet deal. You’re now going to get a whole lot more shows from amazing people, plus more content from Ben and Rob. And the best part is, this is our own network that our team created—RISE TV.

What about all the fans?

The most important thing that we want you to know is how much we appreciate all your support. Without you, Edge of Wonder truly wouldn’t be where it is today. YOU made it possible for us to grow bigger into our own network and combat all the censorship!

Our mission with RISE TV is to entertain, uplift, unite, and guide humanity towards a bright, new day. So you’ll laugh; you’ll cry; you’ll meet some awesome, new creators; and you’ll get all this cool, new content.

A new day is on the horizon. You’re going to love RISE TV.



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